Prologue 2

End-Day + 2

We finally decided to open the door today.shelter_view

Dad had to drop his shoulder and drive it open; for a few minutes we were in a crypt, buried alive, the low mound of the bunker a mass grave. Rivulets of sweat formed, gathered soot, then congealed on dad's face, and he was panting and choking. Every time the door moved an inch, a thin mist of black dust poured in, caught in a bar of stifled sunlight.

When we got outside, we were in a new world. A ragged line of collapsed buildings stretched off into the distance, softened only by heaped detritus; on the other side, where there had been fields and woodland, the land was split and covered in ash. It was still falling from the sky in drifts.

I shivered. The sun was a faint dull glow behind a swirling maelstrom of grey.

Ben was crying and mum's cooing was getting strained. My mouth tasted like charcoal.

"Morgan," dad said. "Come with me."

We had to find water.

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