Prologue 3

End-Day + 3

Dad's hiding something.

I first noticed it yesterday, when we were searching for water. Mum and Ben were back at the bunker, the door locked tight, while dad and I went to see what was left of Londis. Dad used to call it 'rip off alley', only ever let us buy bread and milk there. He never once smiled at the cashier.

desolationNow 'rip off alley' is a pile of rubble.

Any hope of scavenging whatever had been there gone, we were about to widen the search, when we heard the splash of a fountain coming from somewhere. It turned out to be a torn pipe sticking out of the ground from the bowel of a collapsed home. The thing was spewing a two foot fountain, leaving a big round circle of damp where the ash was turned to wet cement. Dad filled up five old bottles.

Yesterday was about water; today is about food. But dad still won't make eye contact for longer than half a second.

Back before the world ended, dad was taking acting classes. He wanted to join an amateur drama group. Mum laughed, said that scientists were not made to act.

Either mum was wrong, or dad has a secret he's not telling any of us.

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